The success of your business is based on a simple question:

How do your customers make decisions?

If you can’t answer the question, you can’t grow your business. And if you’re on a quest to find the answer, you’re in the right place.

Good Funnel was created with this exact question in mind.

You’ve pondered the question. You sat down to write killer copy and create a sales engine to match.

It somehow feels incomplete.

You’ve created this amazingly unique thing. Or at least you’re part of it. Yet it just hasn’t  come together. You can feel it.

Your business isn’t reaching its potential.

You know industry conversion rate benchmarks. You’re meeting them or you’re not meeting them – either way you know there has to be more.

The businesses that really succeed aren’t hovering at industry averages. They’re shattering the mold into a million pieces. They’re the stuff of Harvard Business Review case studies.

You feel like you’ve tried everything.

Yet you know there’s more work to be done. More leads, sales and a better experience for your customers.

You know there must be some marketing…something…that can unstick that graph from the plateau it’s on.

And certainly there is. You know that you need to try more things. New things. Like the way a lead signs up, or the copy on your landing page,  or the placement of your calls to action…

Maybe it’s your emails. Or the copy on your site just doesn’t click – and your visitors aren’t clicking either.

A tremendous potential is waiting.

A few weeks or a few months could be the difference between your today and your goals.

There’s a path to get there.

A process.

A set of steps that can be repeated, but an art in finding the patterns. Prospects clustering on specific things you say and do. A cloud of little dots on a chart that tell the story your prospects and customers need to hear.

We Improve Your Funnel In 3 Ways

  • Get traffic through inbound content creation and promotion
  • Get leads with on-page optimization, positioning and copy that sells
  • Get sales with email nurturing campaigns

We have a proven, repeatable process that has helped tech and info businesses like yours.

Start here to find out if Good Funnel can help you.